Planning number:B16

Hajime Narukawa Lab

Presentation Group Representative : Hajime Narukawa (Graduate School of Media and Governance)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall B16

Hajime Narukawa Lab

Person in Charge of the Project:Hajime Narukawa

Hajime Narukawa Lab is currently working on,
Developing an original world map projection, named AuthaGraph which can represents our world with few distortions. / Making thematic world maps to visualize the latest vision of our planet. / Designing geodesic dome to improve the engineering of the light weight structure / Researching Tensegrity structure to improve the engineering of the lightweight structure.
These activities are parts of exercises for the members to become an engineer who understands arts and/or to become a designer who understands engineering. The lab often uses a unique geometry that is a tool for both design and engineering. The lab regards that the geometrical study reinforces the idea in the proposal. For the ORF, Narukawa Lab will showcase these activities.
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