Planning number:B04

Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Hiroya Tanaka (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall B04

Medical and Fab - Pioneering new care by Digital fabrication

Person in Charge of the Project:Ryosuke Wakasugi

The application of digital fabrication environment enables to develop equipment which fit to patients physical features and living conditions. Nursing x Fab project aims to realize the collaboration among patients and care staffs such as nurses, physicians, PT and OT, through the development and sharing of various kinds of tailored care equipment.


Person in Charge of the Project:Tomohiro Shimizu

In this project, we are working diversification of material that can be handled by digital fabrication, and creating works that are taking advantage of the material properties using digital fabrication technology. Recently, materials which can be handled by 3D printers are diversified, the possibility of 3D printers is spread. Through making machine tools that new materials are targeted and works that are taking advantage of the material properties, we are considering that possibility.

Project FABrick

Person in Charge of the Project:Keita Sekijima

The 3D Printing is called Additive Manufacturing (AM) because of its property printing layer by layer. On the other hand, assembling a kind of blocks, for example, the bricks used in building architecture can be also called AM. We can reconstruct the shape smoothly after building, by not the continuous approach like the 3D printing but the discrete one like assembling the blocks. In our project, we research about the digital assembly method using the blocks of various sizes for reconfigurable 3D objects.

Digital Fabrication of Knit and Sewing

Person in Charge of the Project:Nao Tsushima

As digital world and physical world are becoming more closely, techniques of fabrication are being more expanded. Therefore approach to soft materials such as thread or fabric with digital fabrication has great potential. The process of knit that is repeating loops can be counted and computed. Sewing machine can make seams and stitches that are difficult to come apart very strategically. This research proposes new way of fabrication by digital control of knot, knit and elasticity of fabric.

Advanced 3D printing Applications in the society.

Person in Charge of the Project:Kyoko Fukuda

3D printing technology is developing in the various field include of architecture.
Our laboratory also develops and research Architectural scale 3D printer named ArchiFAB which height is 2.3 meters developed with the company.
We research and suggest the new 3D printing architecture application based on the geometric shape.

Learn with digital fabrication

Person in Charge of the Project:Yoshihiro Asano

Digital fabrication means not only free of production machines, but also appearance of alternative community and study through tinkering.
In this project, we regard digital fabrication as new way to learn practical skills, and develop some kinds of teaching materials. We use them and research possibilities of digital fabrication education.
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