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Shirai Lab.

Presentation Group Representative : Hiromi Shirai (Faculty of Policy Management)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall A19

Why "Blistering Tongue Entertainers" Are Popular: Focusing on Matsuko DX, Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, and Shinobu Sakagami

Person in Charge of the Project:Hiromi Shirai

In Shirai Lab., we are studying about the factors to attract people. This year, we focus on popular entertainers who have malicious language.
In the survey "The attractive entertainer ranking who have malicious language" by NTT DOCOMO in 2014 rose to the top three of Matsuko DX, Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, and Shinobu Sakagami. Why do they attract people even though they have malicious language? We analyzed by using the data of the three. We are going to make clear of their malicious language features, and approach to elucidate the communication style that attracts people.

How Akashiya Sanma Gets Talks Out from His Guests: Analyzing Conversations from the Talk Show "Sanma no Manma"

Person in Charge of the Project:Hiromi Shirai

Akashiya Sanma is a famous MC known to many people in Japan. He has been selected first place in the MC ranking survey done by Oricon multiple times. It is said that the way he talks has a power to make people talk better, but there are scarce academic research about him. So, we will analyze the conversations in his one-on-one TV show, "Sanma no Manma" to see if the common theories are true, and if they were, we will discover how he gets fun talks out from his guests. By using ELAN, video analyzing software, we will focus on both verbal and non-verbal elements such as back-channeling, floors and overlaps. Also, we would like to find out how we can utilize the results in our daily lives.
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