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Presentation Representative : Yoko Hasebe

Person in Charge of the Project : Yoko Hasebe

Elove Project
Elove Project


“In hopes of creating an island community that would go down posterity”

Our research-based Elove island is a depopulated remote island with a population of 135, located in Yakushima-cho, Kagoshima-ken. We promote activities, realizing the “abundance” of the nature of the island and islanders’ lives, which cannot be found in urban areas, working jointly with the islanders in hopes of creating a community that would go down posterity, which also is their hope. This year we present 4 fields including the education business which has been generated from our past experiences combined with a new attempt of creating jobs that would link the island to the urban area. The joint model between urban area and the remote island is achieving based of our performance conducted in these past 3 years. text only)