Booth No. : A41

Presentation Representative : Yasushi Ikeda

Person in Charge of the Project : Yasushi Ikeda

Eco-cultural Regeneration Design Laboratory
Research development and experiment demonstration project of Keio co-evolving house


Keio Co-evolving House, a new kind of environmental-friendly house, is designed by different undergraduate programs and research teams in Keio University under the model of academic-industrial collaboration. It is also of experiment demonstration and research significance. For realizing the goal of making everyone enjoy a comfortable and healthy life style, we are devoting to developing a new kind of eco-house that is constructed by natural materials and recyclable energy. In addition, the house is equipped with an advanced information collection system, which enables people to control the house smartly. The data, which is collected from the stage of constructing the house to the stage of living in this house simulatively, can be used for various research and experiments. text only)