Promotion of Information Accessibility

Presentation Group : Advanced Publishing LabPresentation Group Representative : Jun Murai (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
  • 4. Quality education
  • 8. Decent work and economic growth
Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
11/23 (Sat) 18:00 - 19:30

Information accessibility has been a missing piece in Japan. But the advent of barrier-free reading law and Marrakesh Treaty is expected to provide better accessibility. SFC Advanced Publishing Laboratory intends to assiduously promote information accessibility since it has a strong relationship with both the publishing industry and standardization organizations.


  • Murai Jun

    Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Murata Makoto

    Project Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Taniwaki Yasuhiko

    Director-General of the Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
  • Kawamura Hiroshi

    Steering Committee Chair, Japan DAISY Consortium
  • Ishikawa Jun

    Professor, School of International Relations, University of Shizuoka
  • Kudou Tomoyuki

    President, CYPAC Co,. Inc

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