Algorithmic Couture: Sustainable Fashion Co-Designing with Machine Learning

  • 9. Industry, innovation, infrastructure
Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
11/23 (Sat) 13:00 - 13:15

Algorithmic Couture is an online platform service to provide zero waste bespoke garments made with AI for a more sustainable future for the environment. The use of curve pattern cutting on square fabrics have been conventionally centered around the creativity of fashion designers and will to adhere to the dimensional body types of the customers. But as a result, 15% waste in fabric is created. By building upon zero waste pattern techniques that have history in Japanese straight cut patterns, we aim to reduce waste created. Furthermore we aim to automate the process of bespoken garments through the use of digital fabrication technologies to create garments on order, rather than creating mass amount of stock. Because of this, the amount of energy, waste, and cost through stock can be reduced


  • Synflux (Kotaro Sano)

    Co-Founder of Synflux/ Speculative Fashion Designer

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