SFC Bio x Venture companies

Presentation Group Representative : Tomoyoshi Soga (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
  • 3. Good health and well-being
  • 9. Industry, innovation, infrastructure
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Exploring the design principles of spider silk

Person in Charge of the Project : Kazuharu Arakawa

Spider silks are protein materials that exhibit extraordinary mechanical properties including tensile strengths, extensibilities, and toughness, with potential applications in industry as renewable materials. In order to study the design principles of spider silks, we are trying to find quantitative linkages between sequence motifs and physical properties, by comprehensive sequencing of 1,000 spiders.


A leading company MetaboloGenomics, Inc. challenges to create a society of health and longevity

Person in Charge of the Project : Shinji Fukuda

There have been numerous recent studies highlighting that the balance of gut microbiota largely affect human health condition, therefore a persons fecal sample contains abundant health and disease risk information. Due to wealth of information it encompasses, we consider them as brown gems. MetaboloGenomics, Inc. is a leading venture company originating from Keio University and Tokyo Institute of Technology where we evaluate an individuals human health condition based on their own brown gems analyzed by our cutting-edge stool analysis technology, Metabologenomics. The mission of MetaboloGenomics, Inc. is to develop a novel healthcare industry, and with the valuable information we have collected, we hope to ultimately create a disease-free society.


Painless cancer test using saliva

Person in Charge of the Project : Masahiro Sugimoto

The number of patients with cancers in Japan has increased. However, these numbers in US show decreasing trend now. We have developed novel cancer detection method using saliva, accommodating these problems. This method is already used in various medical hospitals.