Wakana Baba Lab Rethinking the Modern Family

Presentation Group Representative : Wakana Baba (Faculty of Policy Management)
  • 3. Good health and well-being
  • 5. Gender equality
  • 8. Decent work and economic growth
Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall A
Booth No.E28

Father involvement in childcare and the work style reform in Japan

Person in Charge of the Project : Sumika Omori

This project investigates the actions taken by Japanese enterprises in order to tackle the issue of the low rate of father involvement in childcare, considers the feasibility of mens work-life balance and proposes possible solutions for improving work style in Japan.


Baby Hatch in Jikei Hospital Kumamoto

Person in Charge of the Project : Izumi Abe

This project investigates the system of baby hatch in Jikei Hospital Kumamoto and explores the recent diversification of family types in Japan.



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