Sports Dynamics and Informatics Laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Yuji Ohgi (Graduate School of Media and Governance)
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A mechanism of animal locomotion ~ human being and race horse~

Person in Charge of the Project : Tatsuro ISHIZUKA

Human running and race horse galloping have a common feature. Those are a series of jumps. In this exhibition, we will introduce a scientific viewpoint on human running and race horse galloping. Also, we propose a new point of our observation in animal locomotion. As for the human running, we focus on the runner's body orientation change at the approach phase to the curved path in sprinting. On the other hand, for the race horse galloping, we focus on the individual differences among the race horses in their galloping.


A technology supports sports performance enhancement

Person in Charge of the Project : Nana HANAOKA

In this exhibition, we will introduce a development and an evaluation of sporting equipment with the engineering viewpoint. In our exhibition, we introduce a grip for the parallel bars in gymnastics. In parallel bars of gymnastics, players jump and perform twist techniques. Higher the height, the greater the performance scores. In order to obtain long flight duration, it is necessary to increase the frictional force between parallel bars and palm. Therefore, we are developing a innovative hand grip for the performance enhancement.



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