Current status and future prospects of regional collaboration – from the viewpoint of government, private sector and academia –

Presentation Group : Yoshinori Isagai Lab.Presentation Group Representative : Yoshinori Isagai(Faculty of Policy Management)
Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
11/22 (Thu) 10:00 - 11:30
ISAGAI Laboratory challenges to solve various regional problems collaborating with local governments. Through our activities, some emergences happened, we have found the possibilities of new regional creation although many issues were recognized during our collaboration. In order for the effective collaboration, it is essential to have the opportunity to consider solutions. In this session, we invite people from a city official of Shiraoka city and a member of the municipal assembly of Karatsu city, who are promoting projects with us, to discuss possibilities and effective promotion of community innovation with universities.


  • Yuichiro Hara

    Member of the Municipal Assembly of Karatsu City
  • Tomonori CHIBA

    City Official of Shiraoka City
  • Kyosuke Sakakura

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Urban Life Studies, Tokyo City University
  • Mizuki KASAI

    Student, Keio University
  • Yoshinori Isagai

    Professor, Faculty of Policy Management

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