Towards Architectural Informatics for Sustainable Future

Speakers : Yasushi Ikeda
Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
11/23 (Fri) 13:15 - 13:30
Architectural Informatics gives an impact for all process of design, production, construction and use of human environment. It is driven by digital technology such as simulations of environment, handling of complex geometry, navigation in vast potential of design, materialization with robotics, adaptation to dynamic environment and interaction with human behavior. It will change architectural technologies and human challenge to build environment at any locations in the world. It has impact in productivity, adaptability, custamizability and transformability of architectural. While our world is facing to environmental issue like an energy security, disaster prevention, and globalization, it is expected to carry new value of architecture with sustainability, resiliency, and adaptability.


  • Yasushi Ikeda

    Professor, Architect, Gaduate School of Media and Gervernance

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