Sports and Health Innovation Consortium

Presentation Group Representative : Yuji Ohgi(Graduate School of Media and Governance)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

Development of gait analysis system adopting a new algorithm

Person in Charge of the Project : Sakura Yamaji

When analyzing the dynamics of gait, using force plates is an orthodox way, but contains many flaws. One of them is that when measuring, subjects must put their feet within the frame of the force plates. Thus, subjects adjust the stride consciously or unconsciously and face downward, which will not allow them to walk naturally. Therefore, in our consortium, Ohgi Laboratory collaborated with NISSHA Corporation and developed a pressure sensor that enables natural walking.


Development of customized gloves for wheelchair marathon player

Person in Charge of the Project : Hikari Kojima

In wheelchair marathon, which is a sport for disables athletes, athletes use special gloves to push the rim and move forward. However, athletes create their own gloves that fit and match the grips with trial and error by taking away practice hours and sleeping hours, which is very inefficient.  Therefore, we proceed with development by using 3D scanning technology and 3D printers. For 2020 Paralympics, we are developing gloves to improve their performances with the assistant of World Para Athletics.



Other Exhibitions


NECO Lab. in Jun Murai Lab.

Jun Murai(Faculty of Environment)

Yamagishi Student Project Support Program

Kazunori Takashio(Faculty of Environment)

Murai Lab. – Date Lab. Alpha

Keisuke Uehara(Faculty of Environment)

UAV/Drone, Web, Security, AI, VR – Practical Application of Cutting Edge Technologies

Keiji Takeda(Faculty of Environment)
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