Laboratory of Islamic Studies

Presentation Group Representative : Yo Nonaka(Faculty of Policy Management)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

Muslim Meeting of Japan

Person in Charge of the Project : Yo Nonaka

In our project, some key mosque officials throughout Japan and those working in other Muslim communities get together at Keio University and discuss issues on symbiosis in Japanese society and their direction of resolution, then publish joint statements.  We have carried out the meetings four times since 2015.  The themes up to now are the Muslim Community (August 2015), Halal (August 2016), Islamic Education for Muslim Teenagers (February 2017), Dawa (Call for Faith) (August 2017).

Symbiosis Project with Muslims

Person in Charge of the Project : Yo Nonaka

In this project, we disseminate various information so that Muslims can stay comfortably in Japan.  Currently, three projects are underway, mainly by undergraduate students of Nonaka Laboratory.  (1) Halal Guide Tokyo: Development of a search web application, (2) Welcome Muslim Friends: Management of information dissemination site for Muslims in Japan (over 200 followers), (3) Musli-Map Tokyo: Production of tour guide books for Muslims and study in Indonesia .



Other Exhibitions


Future Idea Mining : Seeking New Topics of Pattern Languages to Support the Creative Practices

Takashi Iba(Faculty of Policy Management)

Life Intelligence System Consortium

Jun Murai(Faculty of Environment)


Fumitoshi Kato(Faculty of Environment)

Science of food and health

Masaru Tomita(Faculty of Environment)
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