MUSIK: MUsic Science Institute at Keio SFC

Presentation Group Representative : Shinya Fujii(Faculty of Environment)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F


Person in Charge of the Project : Shinya Fujii

How expert musicians control their body movements? Why music engages our emotions and why wespontaneously step and dance to the musical beat?An emerging field of music and neuroscience (Neuromusic) has been tackled interesting questions on howour brain processes music. In this demo, we explore what has been known so far and what is exciting toknow next in the music and neuroscience research.


Person in Charge of the Project : Patrick Savage

What is music, and why did it evolve? How can we understand the unity anddiversity found throughout the world’s music? Scientific attempts to answer the questions through cross cultural comparison stalled during the 20th century and have only recently begun to make a resurgence with the power of modern computational methods. In this demo, we will show the past, present, and future of all the world’s music (including folk,pop, and classical music from Japan and around the world) using comparative and/orcomputational methods (see Savage & Brown, 2013 for review).


Other Exhibitions


Psychiatric Nursing & mentalhealth Lab

Kiyoka Nozue(Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)

Laos Primary Health Care Activity Project

Tomoko Koike(Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)

Sports Dynamics and Informatics Laboratory

Yuji Ohgi(Graduate School of Media and Governance)


Fumitoshi Kato(Faculty of Environment)
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