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ogawa lab

Presentation Group Representative : Katsuhiko Ogawa (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
  • Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
  • W05

Media feat. Joshi-Ryoku

Person in Charge : Katsuhiko Ogawa
Now, one of the strength of SFC is "Joshi-Ryoku (Women's Power)." In addition, Abenomics' strategy of growth includes society where women can shine, and it regards women's social advancement as important. Therefore, this time ogawa lab will hold a workshop that features Jyoshi-Ryoku. This workshop contains media and researches powered by women's creativity. For example: Virtual walk radio which allows you to experience a virtual walk with a female college student, Karinino forecast that suggests the most suitable coordinates according to the weather, Pict-san that uses projection mapping allowing you to enjoy dancing with a female college student, Taste Kensaku (search based on taste) suggests a recipe based on the ratio of seasonings contained in a dish, and so on.