< Adobe Systems Incorporated Sponsor Session > Adobe Education Exchange Kick Off Meeting: Potential Use of Computers at High Schools in Japan

  • 11/19 SAT 16:30 - 18:00
  • Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
  • openB
*All of the participants of Adobe Systems Incorporated Sponsor Workshop (W06) will successively participate in this session. (The participation from this session will be also acceptable.)

As well as Audio-Visual softwares, it has become extremely easy for anyone to design various products with softwares such as Adobe Creative Cloud. However, looking at Japanese high schools, such socio-technical changes are only touched briefly in IT classes: It is not easy to maximize the potency of IT.
Based on this view, the session aims to discuss on the value of teaching materials and outcomes in the age of Internet-based society with practitioners in the educational organizations.

  • Kenichiro Masubuchi

    Adobe Systems Incorporated

  • Makoto Oobayashi

    Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

  • Yasutomo Sanui

    Life is Tech, Inc.

  • Toshiharu Kano

    National Institute for Educational Policy Research

  • Seigo Matsushita

    Teacher, Nara Prefectural Shikino Senior High School

  • Daijiro Mizuno

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies