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Back to the holistic medicine

Presentation Group : Laboratory for Patientology Presentation Group Representative : Shinzo Kato (Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)
  • 11/18 FRI 12:45 - 14:15
  • Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
  • room5
Medicine originally aims to holistic care to see the sick person.
However, along with the progress of modern medicine, medicine is fragmented, specialized, and will catch disorder as trouble of the parts. Then, identify the cause of the disease, it has become the purpose of medicine to get rid of it.
In the 21st century, increasing the voice of autonomy to citizens, health care is not only experts’ proprietary, but a property of whole society, and the provision of holistic care is required.
Therefore, to standing on top of the advanced science, what is human beings have been overall integrative medicine, we would like to rather try to reconsider the future of health care.
  • Soho Machida

    Professor Emiritus, Hiroshima University

  • Shaw Watanabe

    Dean, The Academy of Integrative Medicine / Chairman, Life Science Foundation

  • Shinzo Kato

    Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care