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  • S-05

The TPP and its links to Latin America: A View from The Pacific Alliance

Presentation Group : Yorizumi Watanabe - lab Presentation Group Representative : Yorizumi Watanabe (Faculty of Policy Management)
  • 11/18 FRI 10:30 - 12:00
  • Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
  • room9
The Pacific Alliance is a new organization which seeks to promote economic integration in the Latin American region. With the signing of the Additional Protocol to the Pacific Alliance Framework Agreement in 2015 the organization further cemented its stance as a promoter of free trade and deep economic integration. The Pacific Alliance member countries currently hold a combined GDP which is comparable to ASEAN and is seeking to further consolidate its ties to the Asia Pacific region with Japan becoming an observer country in 2013. The session will have the honor to invite the Ambassadors from the four founding member countries (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile) to discuss how the Latin American region perceives regional projects such as TPP and FTAAP as well as their outlook on Asian and Latin American relations.
  • Patricio Torres

    Chile Ambassador to Japan

  • Carlos Almada

    Mexico Ambassador to Japan

  • Gabriel Duque

    Colombia Ambassador to Japan

  • Alexis Aquino

    Minister Counselor of the Peru Embassy

  • Yorizumi Watanabe

    Professor, Faculty of Policy Management