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Takuya Onishi Laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Takuya Onishi (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
  • Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
  • B17

Designing Japanese society in terms of Energy

Person in Charge of the Project : Keisuke Kamata
Energy problem isn't to leave at as it is. This is because it has effect to cause environmental pollution and help many countries growth. In modern society, thinking future energy mix in Japan from multiple view. Making some scenarios to review which is the best for Japan. Finally, summarizing book to show the project.

To design how to discarded PET bottles

Person in Charge of the Project : Wakako Tsuboi
A pet bottle collection rate in Japan has not yet attained 100% due to littering and overflowing in containers of public space. Also, it is noted that much of the useless air space in container for pet bottles still increases the cost for collecting the bottles. All these problems may be solved through changing act of dumping of each person, so I will break down it to personal presence by using design methods and have it generalized. Finally, I want to consider "a way of dumping" of ideal form from several standpoints.

Light Solution

Person in Charge of the Project : Yuki Takaki
Introducing light pollution as one of the environmental problems focusing on the wasted energy and its costs that is released to the sky. Though some lightning are necessary during night hours, still there are possibilities of reducing the use of energy for lights. The final proposal of this project is to design a lighting source for cities that replaces street lights - a product that uses less energy but keeps safety for citizens at the same time.

Self Energy Project

Person in Charge of the Project : Takuho Sakai
Talking about the energy what do you imagine first? Maybe, thermal power, wind power generation, or solar energy. It can be anything, but what we can say is that all of them are too enormous to image the connection between our daily lives. However, recent technology allowed us to bring out the battery for cellphones compactly, and we can feel the energy circulating thorough our days. So we thought, why don't we just create the energy that meets our needs perfectly on our own? And started this project honored to SFC's creative spirit. We suggest you a new style of energy and a new style of creation. We hope you will find "your own style" through this exhibition.

Rare Energy

Person in Charge of the Project : Sayo Misawa
The Takuya Onishi Laboratory members are studying "Energy Design," an uncommon field of study. Around the world there are many types of energy including "rare energy." This project began from our teacher's will of wanting us to collect rare energy. Every week all of the members collected 3 subjects related to it and wrote an article. We had difficult times trying to come up with new rare energy but we had chosen the most interesting ones. As a result, 60 articles about "rare energy" gathered together into one booklet. This has been completed by rating and including the level of rarity inside. Please take a look at our booklet "Rare Energy."