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Shimpo Lab

Presentation Group Representative : Fumio Shimpo (Faculty of Policy Management)
  • Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
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Cyber-Law Project

Person in Charge of the Project : Fumio Shimpo
This research project focuses on various aspects of 'Cyber-Law' including legal problems relating to the Internet such as 'Invasion of Privacy,' 'Infringement of Intellectual Property,' 'Cybercrime,' 'Unlawful Access to Computers' and 'Problems of Illegal and Harmful Content,' etc. The research project will try to explore the solutions for them in the context of a 'networked society.' In the cyber law project, we research laws regarding problems on the internet and we strive to realize a better internet society. In order to implement a better internet society, we investigate and design ways to improve legal and political measures, as well as education and technology advancements in the legal and policy management field.