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Yoko Hamada Laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Yoko Hamada (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
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Expressing myself by dressing

Person in Charge of the Project : Nami Masunari
Lolita Fashion was born in Harajuku.
It has bows, laces and frills like a doll or a princess's pretty dresses.
Now, it is loved not only in Japan.
Lolita fashion and gothic fashion is loved by many people all over the world.
In fact, wearing Lolita needs much time and efforts than other styles, but people who ware Lolita fashion love their fashion eagerly.
Why do they love it? What do they want to get through wearing Lolita?
Through thinking about their beginning of Lolita life, I want to find the keys to live better even when they don't ware Lolita dresses.

Are you an Accommodator, or a Supporter?

Person in Charge of the Project : Yui Hashizume
Have you been told that you are a giving person?
Do you prefer helping someone who is in trouble?
But, wait. Don't you label yourself as an accommodator?
Accommodator: reliable person who likes to care someone.
Supporter: dedicated, sometimes sacrificial person who likes to support someone.
This study aims to explore two types of giving person, Accommodator and Supporter.
Are you an Accommodator or a Supporter?

The relationship between dream and awakening - Where does dream come from? -

Person in Charge of the Project : Daiki Nozaki
What kind of dream did you have last night?
We often forgot our dreams when we wake up, and we sometimes have dream of small thing that we don't care usually.
We focus on different things at the moment of sleeping and waking.
Don't you dream of something you are totally unfamiliar?
Memory at the time of awaking and sleeping differs, and sometimes dream differs from reality.
This study aims to unravel a mystery of dream by questionnaire research and bibliographic survey.