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Psycho-Space Project

Presentation Group Representative : Toshio Watanabe (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
  • Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
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Workshop on perceptual psychology: The demonstration focusing on gaze perception

Person in Charge of the Project : Masaki Mori
Perceptual psychology is study of mechanism of perception in relationship between quantities in physical and in perceived such as vision, auditory, haptics, olfaction, and taste. In this project, we present famous perceptual phenomena and recent researches through workshop on perceptual psychology. Especially, you can experience gaze perception phenomenon studied in our laboratory. We hope that you will learn more about method of perceptual psychology and mysterious of perceptual phenomena.

Facial Emotion Recognition of Japanese People

Person in Charge of the Project : Marie Takahashi
Do you know that many Japanese have difficulty on recognizing some facial emotions? Facial emotions play one of the important roles on communication such as knowing someone's feeling and expressing our feeling. However, although facial expression differ from one person to another, why we can recognize the others' facial emotion? By this presentation, I will explain how we see and figure out the others' facial emotion through the case report of developmental disability (which has difficulty on recognizing emotion) and the 'Facial Emotion recognition Game.'

new machines are being introduced to pachinko parlors

Person in Charge of the Project : Masamitsu Hirayama
Gambling, especially the pachinko market is currently expanding in Japan, and every day, new machines are being introduced to pachinko parlors. The managers of the parlors are responsible for the installation of new machines, making the revenue of the parlor greatly depend on him or her. So in this study, I would like to analyze what kind of machine has long-term popularity, and more specifically, I will focus on points such as the reward, performance, and originality of the machine in a single jackpot. This will allow installation of new machines that matches the management of each pachinko parlors.