18th SFC Open Research Forum 2013

[Date] November 22 (Fri) - 23 (Sat) 2013
[Time] 10:00 – 19:30 (Only on 11/23, Hall will be closed at 18:00.)
[Venue] Tokyo Midtown Hall & Conference
[General Reception] Hall B1F Entrance

* Free admission / Advance registration not required

[Organizer] Keio Research Institute at SFC

* Contact: Keio Research Institute at SFC ORF Office
E-mail : orf-info@sfc.keio.ac.jp
Tel : 0466-49-3436


Theme for ORF2013 “bazaar of creation”

One word which embodies SFC is “creation”, represented by the Chinese character “創”.  This character forms the prefix for words such as “creation”, “emergence”, and “invention” and is the root of verbs such as “begin” and “make”.  As a place where new bonds are formed constantly and new knowledge and values originate, SFC can truly be called a campus of creation.
ORF2012 saw many visitors to its “bazaar of intelligence”.  A bazaar is an open platform where diverse individuals are allowed to come and go as they please, sharing with one another on a voluntary and equal basis.  In this year’s “bazaar of creation”, we remember last year’s theme of shinka (evolution, deepening, and newness) to generate new values and possibilities and guarantee further emergence of knowledge.  Together, we will sift out “silver bullet” to rejuvenate society in the spirit of JIGA SAKKO: creating history to define the future.


The phrase “JIGA SAKKO” – a call to set new standards and create new traditions – created by Keio’s founder Yukichi Fukuzawa, truly embodies the spirit of the Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC).  Through collaboration with you, we want to pursue bringing forth new and exciting things.  With this aspiration in mind, we once again head to Tokyo Midtown to hold the Open Research Forum (ORF) 2013.
Again this year, presentation booths are set up in a style reminiscent of a bazaar, and you will surely be able to experience SFC’s diversity and uniqueness.  In the sessions, timely themes in the areas of technology, society, environment, and humanity will be taken up.  With the participation of a wide variety of guests, a lively exchange of ideas can be expected to lead to the creation of practical wisdom.
SFC has led the way in society by launching promising innovators who make it a principle to actualize the notion of “identifying problems and finding solutions”.  The establishment of Miraisozojuku (Institute for Designing the Future) in the 2015 Academic Year will mark SFC’s entrance to a new stage.  With this year’s ORF as a starting point, we have high hopes for designing a bright future.  We eagerly look forward to your participation.

Yoshinori Isagai
Chairman, ORF2013 Executive Committee
Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management

Open Research Forum 2013 Exective Committee

Fumio Shimpo
Yutaka Murabayashi
Miki Akiyama
Yasuaki Kakehi
Jin Nakazawa
Tomiaki Morikawa
Akira Wakita
Daijiro Mizuno
Shohei Matsukawa
Chieko Fujii

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