Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Keio University

5322 Endo
Fujisawa City
Kanagawa Prefecture 252-0882

Public Transportations

Using Shonandai Station
Shonandai Station (Odakyu Enoshima Line, Sotetsu Izumino Line, Yokohama Municipal Subway Blueline)
Buses bound for "Keio University" departs from West gate of the station.
It takes ~15mins to a stop "Keio-Daigaku-Honkan-Mae".
Extra Buses will be operated on November 20th.
Using Tsujido Station
Tsujido Station (JR Tokaido Line)
Buses bound for "Keio University" departs from North gate of the station.
It takes ~20mins to a stop "Keio-Daigaku-Honkan-Mae".
Warning: Extra Buses will not be operated from Tsujido Station.
Using Taxies
Taxies available at West Gate of Shonandai Station, and North Gate of Tsujido Station.

Cars / Bikes

Nearest Highway Exits
Ayase Smart IC (4-1), Tomei EXPWY (E1) - 25mins
Samukawa-kita IC (27), Ken-o EXPWY (C4) - 15mins
Fujisawa IC, Shonan BYPASS (C4) - 20mins
Totsuka Terminal, Yokohama Shindo - 40mins
There is no official parking lots around the campus.
DO NOT park at prohibited areas.

Pre-Entry Now!

For the smooth operation,
We sincerely request all visitors to enroll for a pre-entry on the web.

Open Research Forum 2022
2022.11.20 - 21
Sunday - Monday