Session No. : S-19

Presentation Group : Odawara Kizuna Team (Masako Kaneko)

Presentation Representative : Masako Kaneko

Let’s talk with us about building up social capital for child health


In recent years, “There are little relationship of mothers and neighborhood,” “There is no place for children and mothers to talk and play each other in community.” It is important that not only professionals but also citizens provide support for child health in community, and to make relationship of citizens in community. In our laboratory, we are going strengthen the bonds of citizens for the childcare in a community. In this session, we hope to discuss deeply the needs of the childcare and the need of building up social capital with the people that are participating in this session.


  • Soichiro Torii
    Odawara City Citizen Representative
  • Hiroko Hasebe
    Odawara City Citizen Representative
  • Yukiko Yamazaki
    Odawara City Citizen Representative
  • Machiko Miwa
    Baika Women's University, Faculty of Nursing
  • Masako Kaneko
    Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
  • Miki Sato
    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
  • Takuya Okabe
    Undergraduate Student, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care