Session No. : S-10

Presentation Group : Laboratory of Islamic Studies / Laboratory of Prof. Atsushi Okuda

Presentation Representative : Atsushi Okuda

Renovation of Islamic studies


This session will think about necessity and possibility of Islam as a research methodology, while also based on the recent situation in the Middle East, inviting His Excellency Mr. Kunio Katakura, former ambassador at UAE, Iraq and Egypt as a special guest. What should Islamic studies do against the recognition that Islam is terrorism spreads in the world where rule of violence is dominant? We will discuss the need of renovation of Islamic studies, mentioning about the importance of incorporation of knowledge by revelation into the paradigm of academic modern rationalist.




  • Kunio Katakura
    Former Japanese Ambassador to UAE, Iraq and Egypt / Former Professor of Graduate School of Daito Bunka University / Advisor to the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)
  • Atsushi Okuda
    Professor, Faculty of Policy Management