Booth No. : P08

Presentation Representative : Noriko Hukuda

Person in Charge of the Project : Noriko Hukuda

Graduate School of Health Management, Course for Psychiatry nursing
Note! Major Depressive Disorder -Yourself and your very important person are OK?-


In Japan, there is a research shows 3 to 7 out of 100 persons have experienced MDD. Furthermore, in the recent patient survey by the Ministry of HLW, organize every 3 years, the patient of mood disorders including MDD is over 1 million people, and increasing rapidly in recent years. MDD is not the special disease but may happen to anyone and it is hard to be aware although it is sick, and also it is in the tendency that the surrounding person cannot notice easily, either. Therefore, we would like to introduce here the early symptoms as well as “the consultation counter” of MDD because we believe early detection and treatment are more important than anything else.