Booth No. : A20

Presentation Representative : Hiromi Shirai

Person in Charge of the Project : Humor Communication Project

Shirai Lab
Why “SUBERI WARAI” Is Funny: Using “Suberu Hanashi” As a Data


In our past study about “Suberanai Hanashi”, in the point of view of KYOHANSEI (“Complicity”) and Incongruity Theories, we have found that there are four patterns of humor experiences after the punch line. Based on that, what we observe in this study is “SUBERI WARAI”, which was not able to be categorized in either pattern above. We will approach to this “SUBERI WARAI” by showing a new pattern of humor experience, and a new type of KYOHANSEI “Chinmoku Kyohan”: a “silence” after SUBERI which helps humor to be experienced. text only)