Booth No. : A18

Presentation Representative : Kazunori Takashio

Person in Charge of the Project : Kazunori Takashio

Kazunori Takashio Lab.
Sociable Robots – Robots Perceptive and Emotionally Expressive in Human Robot Interactions -


“Making Robots more Sociable!” is a phrase by Prof. Gordon Cheng who is the director of the Institute for Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Munich. Now we obtain capabilities to access ubiquitous information spaces and our human ability and cognitive performance will be gradually enhanced. Robots will also be integrated well into the human life and helping us naturally. They will have rich sensory perception and expressive facial signals, and are going to be sociable partners for us. He/her turns around when you call him/her and is getting angry you hit him/her. In this exhibition, we will show what kind of “sociality” robots should have in robot to robot (R2R) and robot to human (R2H) interactions.